Managed Hosting


We say “managed” hosting because many hosting companies just park your server and forget it. 

They don’t provide updates. They don’t conduct regular maintenance. That’s what leads to system crashes, security breaches and break-ins. At CarbonLogic, your server is not just sitting unattended, waiting for problems before anyone pays attention..

Bullet Proof Support

Managed hosting is more than just parking a server. We provide regularly scheduled maintenance. We stay current with upgrades to ensure that your network is secure and running right. And we do it all affordably and reliably.


You can provide us your server and we’ll manage it, or you can lease one from us. Your choice. Either way, we’ve always got your back. We provide you on location, Colorado-based support personnel who know how update and manage.


Reduced risk of security breaches and system crashes via real support, regularly scheduled maintenance and as-needed upgrades. That’s what we do. Since 1994, we’ve been the infrastructure people. Delivering real customer and systems support.


Lower Cost
Greater Peace of Mind
On-site, level 1, 2 and 3 support
Customer Satisfaction

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