Email Hosting



We provide fully managed email hosting for your domain(s) and offer mailboxes from 5GB to 100GB with free unlimited aliases and domains. You just pay for the mailbox.  We provide full support for all IMAP mail clients like Outlook, Thunderbird and Apple Mail.  Smartphones (iPhone and Android) are also supported with full email integration.  All connections are fully encrypted with SSL/TLS to ensure only you have access.


VIPRE Spam and Virus Protection

We’ve partnered with VIPRE for unparalleled protection from advanced email threats.  Viruses, spam, and phishing attacks become a thing of the past with minimal false positives.

Six layers of scanning protect users from both known and emerging email-based threats.  Intelligent self-learning anti-spam filters and multiple engines updated every minute.

Nightly quarantine reports allow you to review blocked threats and whitelist senders with a single click.


Web Mail

We offer full web-based mail browsing using Mailenable’s Premier Enterprise webmail server.  Check your email securely from any computer with a web browser. 

– Full access to your server-based
email account, contacts, and calendar

– Supports all mobile
and smartphone browsers 

– Allows instant setup of
vacation or auto replies

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