Today, all businesses need to be sure their servers and data are safe.

Not just technologically safe, but physically too. For most, the answer is co-location, which is simply putting existing servers or adding back up servers in a separate location. That second (or third) location must be secure, convenient and accessible 24×7. 

Have a server at the office that loses power or connectivity at just the wrong moment?  Tired of driving in to the office to reboot a server?  Put it in our datacenter and someone can help you out with any issues any time day or night.

We also offer full managed services and backup options for your co-located gear for added security and data continuity.

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Flexible Solutions

CarbonLogic provides highly flexible and scalable solutions to fit any client’s needs. These are the three most common configurations:

Traditional Co-location – client owns and manages servers

Managed Co-location – client owns and CarbonLogic manages servers

Leased Equipment Co-location – CarbonLogic provides and manages servers


Disaster Recovery

Our secure location is an ideal choice for a DR installation. Extended redundancy is available via a secondary Infra operated datacenter site.

Network Operations Center (NOC)

Our on-site NOC is manned 7 days a week by highly experienced, level 1, 2 and 3 staff with both on-site and remote hands capability, available 24×7, every day of the year.

System Monitoring

We have comprehensive monitoring of all core infrastructure. These include power, environmental and networking facilities, allowing our staff to respond immediately to any abnormal conditions. Our monitoring system can be extended to cover client equipment and services allowing for rapid remote-hands or consulting services, and immediate client notification by SMS and email.

Private Networking/Cross Connected Circuits

CarbonLogic has both  Carrier-neutral blended, and proactively managed and monitored, IP bandwidth.  Private nodes are available to provide physically secure, private backnet capabilities via EVC (Ethernet Virtual Connection) for any co-location client. We can also cross-connect client owned circuits of any type desired (DS1s, DS3s, etc), delivered over either fiber or copper.

Fire Detection & Suppression

Fires in a datacenter are rare, but CarbonLogic is prepared. We have a VESDA early detection system to detect issues before there is smoke. We also have a multi-zone, double throw, aqueous fire suppression system with high-temp sprinkler heads. The system is non-pre charged, which means the lines are filled with compressed air under normal conditions, eliminating accidental release if damage is done to a sprinkler head. FM-200 is used before water and causes no damage to hardware.

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