Cloud Services

At CarbonLogic we know flexibility is as key as controlling costs. And while security feels priceless, it seldom really is. So we offer tailored Cloud services that will meet your needs.

Private Cloud

When you can’t risk sharing your Cloud server with others and require top-tier performance and security (PCI and HIPAA compliant).

Our Private Cloud offering includes dedicated server hardware and full control of your virtual machines. You lease the physical hardware and can add Managed Services or Backups a-la-carte to any production virtual machines that need it.

Private cloud is the right choice for medical/healthcare companies, law practices, insurance offices and any others with high security needs.

Public Cloud

More affordable virtual machines that live on multi-tenant hardware. Lower cost of entry when only a handful of virtual machines are needed, or when compliance is not a priority.

You don’t need to purchase or lease hardware, software or any supporting infrastructure. CarbonLogic provides and manages it all for you.



Hybrid Cloud

Allows you to build out a virtualized infrastructure along side your Co-located legacy physical hardware. This is a combined solution that leverages a private cloud foundation together with the strategic deployment of public cloud or Co-located services.

This is a flexible and affordable solution that provides security and efficiency.

3rd Party Cloud Management

We can back up, manage and provide disaster recovery for your cloud instances at Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Rackspace Cloud.

Cloud at CarbonLogic

Today’s cloud clients are able to use the cloud for everything from applications to data centers. Once established, they pay only for the resources they use.

As with everything else we offer, the major difference between CarbonLogic and everyone else is our personal customer service.  If you have a problem or question, just pick up the phone and call us. We will be there on the other end of the line.  Live, local and prepared.


Cloud Managed Services

We offer many a-la-carte services you can add to all Virtual Machines or just mission critical production servers.  Let us help you with our full managed services suite, OS updates, nightly VM imaging and backups, Apache and mySQL tuning, Web Application Firewalls, Proxy servers and many more services.

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